Infant Program.

                         Infant Program 6 weeks-23 months


We here at Little Tots Prep Academy know that your child is your world, which can cause panic when you take your infant to daycare, but when you take them to the right place, you’ll feel nothing but relief. The best Infant Programs are the ones where you don’t even have to think twice about dropping your child off — because you know that they’re in the best care possible.



Our ratio is 1:4, meaning there’s one qualified teacher for no more than four children.



We keep class sizes small, allowing no more than 8 infants in the Infant program at a time.




Your baby will be changed at least every 2 to 3 hours (or when needed) and will likely go through 5-6 diapers a day while at our daycare center. You are responsible for bringing diapers and wipes, and we will remind you when your supply is starting to run low. Diaper changes are documented by the daycare teacher.


We feed every child on demand and on their individual schedules. Every feeding will be documented in your child’s daily care log with the time, what they were fed, and how much they ate.

  1. Bottles and baby food need to be brought with your child, and should be labeled with their name, the contents (i.e. formula, breast milk), and the date it was prepared.
  2. We record the time that the bottle is offered, and will re-offer it for up to one hour. If your child doesn’t consume it in that time, we will discard the contents for their safety.
  3. Our caregivers will wash the bottles after they’re used, and will place them in your child’s cubby.

After your child has moved onto finger foods, you will still be responsible for providing them with food. Our daycare teachers will provide you with recommendations to make preparing food easier.



We respect that your infant needs to sleep on their own schedule. Our caregivers will document each nap in your child’s care log, which you can check and track every day!

  1. Crib-size sheets should be brought in, as well as a spare set. You can leave bedding at our daycare center throughout the week and take it home to wash over the weekend.
  2. You might want to bring a small blanket (4’x4’) for your baby as well.


Please bring your child dressed for the day in comfortable clothing — not pajamas — that allows easy access for diaper changes and clean up. We only change the children’s clothes as necessary.

  1. Bring two seasonally appropriate changes of clothing to be kept in your child’s cubby at all times.
  2. Label clothing with your child’s name (writing their name on the clothing tags is perfect)



Cleaning and Sanitizing

We know Kids will be kids, and that germs spread quickly, but you won’t have to worry about other tots spreading germs and dirt around your child. Each area is fully cleaned and sanitized after every use. The center staff will keep each classroom immaculate throughout the week, and safe for your little Tot to explore.