Toddler Program.

                              Toddler Program 2-3 years

Your child will learn language skills, colors and numbers, and more. In addition, children learn social emotional skills and develop thinking skills by playing and exploring the world through their curiosity.


Loving, Educated Teachers Inspire Your Toddler

Our teachers are fully qualified with hands-on experience, and most importantly, lots of love, care and patience. They can guide your child through every developmental stage of toddlerhood and lead them through every learning opportunity that comes their way. 1:6 ratio


Learning Is Always Fun With Friends

Every day, your toddler will enjoy spending time with their friends by singing, dancing, creating art, and expressing themselves during daily circle times. By helping and encouraging your child to develop social skills like sharing and cooperation, we help them prepare for preschool.



We Are Here To Help You 
With Potty Training

This process does not have to be messy.  We know potty training is a team effort. Which is why, when your toddler is ready to train for the toilet, our teachers will guide the student through the whole process and make it easy for the child and parent. With parent, teacher and child cooperation, your tot will be going potty like a champion in no time!



Change of clothing

Bring two seasonally appropriate changes of clothing to be kept in your child’s cubby at all times.

Please Label clothing with your child’s name (writing their name on the clothing tags is perfect)

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We know Kids will be kids, and that germs spread quickly, but you won’t have to worry about other tots spreading germs and dirt around your child. Each area is fully cleaned and sanitized after every use. The center staff keeps each room classroom immaculate throughout the week, and safe for your little Tot to explore.